Sunday, January 4, 2015

The New Austen Authors Grand Re-Opening and Mystery Prize Giveaway!

As indicated in my last post, I am excited and honored to announce that I will be part of the new, revitalized Austen Authors blog. It is thrilling to be working with so many wonderful authors who I can't wait to get to know better (and yes, my TBR pile is now officially in overload, for what better way to get to know your fellow writers than to read their books? Expect reviews). The official, Re-opening Extravaganza is Saturday, January 24th. Mark your calendars and get into the spirit by entering to win The Mystery Prize Giveaway! Simple follow the link: While there, be sure to join the mailing list to be the recipient of our beautiful, quarterly newsletter. You can check out the first issue, Dream, at fellow Austen Author and friend Elizabeth Ann West's blog:

This is such an great way to start the new year! I feel like being part of this group will push me to new levels of professionalism in my writing, which is kind of ironic, as 2015 is probably the year I'm going back to "work," as if I've ever done anything harder in my life than write The Madness of Mr. Darcy. C'est la vie. In honor of the occasion, I am having a REAL headshot taken! No, it won't actually show my face (I am super paranoid about posting pictures of myself and my family online), but it also won't be the grainy mess of a headless monstrosity I have halfheartedly relied upon thus far. The photo shoot is tomorrow, and I hope to have the pictures later this week.

You can also enter to win the mystery prize using the Rafflecopter form below. Have a great week everyone!

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