Friday, October 13, 2017

Twisted Austen 2017: I Am Lady Catherine

Twisted Austen is back! It's been two years, but I've finally adjusted enough to my trans-Atlantic move to pull together a story in celebration of Halloween. I am Lady Catherine delves into the mind of Lady Catherine de Bourgh, starting at the time when she meets and marries Sir Lewis de Bourgh and continuing through the events of Pride and Prejudice. In my opinion, this story is a bit more hilarious than horrifying, but it keeps with the notion of offering a very different look at one of Austen's classic novel. The fun begins on October 24th and lasts through Halloween, with one part of the tale posting each day. As usual, the complete story will also be released as an ebook on the 31st (it is available now for pre-order if you just can't wait). I hope you'll join me!

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