Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Neglecting the blog

Sigh. So much for my strong blogging start to the year. I don't know how three weeks went by since my last, laughably short post. Wait - yes I do! I'm moving to Switzerland! Yeah, thats right! And I can think of almost nothing else. The first few months of the year are always sluggish for me in the best of circumstances, but now I'm finding it nearly impossible to keep my mind on the things I am supposed to be accomplishing. Fortunately, there are some kind souls out there looking out for me, even as I lag. First off, I need to extend great thanks and appreciation to any and all those who voted Mr. Darcy's Christmas Present, the best finished story on A Happy Assembly in December. Three months in a row I made the top 5 at! No hope for forth, as the Swiss thing totally killed any hope I had of finishing Being Mrs. Bennet last month. There is little hope for this month. Sigh again.

I also received a wonderful review of The Madness of Mr. Darcy from Jody at A Spoonful of Happy Endings last weekend. Please do check it out. She has a lovely blog.

There are reviews to write and stories to complete. Hopefully, one or two of the former will shortly be making their appearance here. I also need to prepare my second Austen Authors post for the end of the month. Thinking about doing it on Arrack punch, of Vauxhall fame.


  1. Where? Why? Interested fans want to know ;-)! Switzerland is just so beautiful -- and I have not been back since 1968, an age, I know. Do visit Salzburg, I lived there for a month while studying German that same year. Compound nouns are so much fun!

    1. My husband got a job in Zurich. We intend to travel everywhere we possibly can. Salzburg is high on the list. He has family friends there. We're very excited!