Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mercy's Embrace Giveaway!

I am thoroughly honored to be the first blogger to be able to offer my readers signed copies of ALL THREE books of Laura Hile's Mercy's Embrace: Elizabeth Elliot's Story. Yes indeed, the final book, The Lady Must Decide (read my review)- which I have pinning for ever since finishing book two, So Lively a Chase - is finally available! Even better, since I was bad tempered enough to have grumbled about the price of these books in my review of the second, Ms. Hile has graciously offered me a copy of The Lady Must Decide (it's in the mail and I can't wait to get my hands on it), and the complete collection to one lucky winner - So Rough a Course (read my review here), So Lively a Chase, and The Lady Must Decide, all signed by the author. I'm so excited!

So here is the deal. I've crafted something of an Elizabeth Elliot quiz, based on the Elizabeth that we all know and hate from Persuasion, thinking that it would be interesting to reflect on how little information about her Austen really provides. For each question you can answer correctly, you will receive one entry. Include your email address with your comments by 12:00 AM EST on Saturday, July 24th. Unfortunately, I can only offer participation to US residents. I'll post the answers when I announce the winner. Good luck!

1) What is Elizabeth birth date?

2) How old was Elizabeth when her mother died?

3) Why does Elizabeth not enjoy reading the Baronetage as much as her father?

4) How does Elizabeth commemorate the death of Mrs. Elliot?

5) In what two manners does Elizabeth attempt to economize?

6) Regarding hat does Sir Walter recommend Elizabeth be on her guard?

7) What does Anne wish Elizabeth could hear their father say?

8) Why does Elizabeth argue that Mrs. Clay should ride in Lady Dalrymple's barouche rather than Anne.

9) What does Elizabeth do the first time she meets Captain Wentworth in Bath?

10) What causes Elizabeth to suffer when the Musgroves arrive in Bath?


  1. Wow, those are not easy questions, Alexa, which means I better reread the first two books before #3 arrives. Don't enter me in the contest, because I already have the set and want to give someone else the opportunity.

    With regards to #3, what woman on the shelf would want to read the Baronetage when she is still unmarried and well past her prime, at least according to Regency expectations!

  2. Oh Jane! Perhaps there is some confusion in the way I set up the post. These are questions based on persuasion, not the Mercy's Embrace books. I better edit the post to make that clear. I'm actually rereading the first two books right now while waiting for number three. Can't wait!

  3. 1. June 1, 1785
    2. 15 years old.
    3. Because she is still unmarried and the name of her youngest sister is listed in the Baronetage along with the name of her respectable husband.
    4. She wore black ribbons.
    5. She cut off all unnecessary charities, refrained from refurnishing the drawing room, and stopped getting Anne a gift from town.
    6. Elizabeth should be on her guard with respect to her flower garden.
    7. The constant use of Gowland had carried away Mrs. Clay's freckles.
    8. Because Mrs. Clay already has a cold and is wearing thinner shoes.
    9. Elizabeth wouldn't acknowledge her acquaintance with Wentworth upon first seeing him at Molland's.
    10. Elizabeth is worried the Musgroves expect to stay at her home in Camden Place.

    - Tiferet Ani
    email address:

  4. Great, Tiferet! Thanks for entering. As you are the only one so far, your chances of winning look rather strong.

  5. 1.) June 1, 1785
    3.) She did not like to look at the book because it listed her birth and the nothing but her younger sister's had the name of her husband. Elizabeth did not have a husband.
    4.)She wore black ribbons.
    5.) She cut off all unnecessary charities and refrained from refurnishing the drawing room
    6.)That Miss. Eliot should be on her guard with respect to her flower garden.
    7.) That she had been using Gowland on her freckles because of the personal recommendation of Mr. Eliot himself
    8.) Because Anne had thicker boots and Mrs. Clay already had a cold
    9.) "there was complete internal recognition on each side" but she would not "know" him
    10.) Elizabeth fears the Musgroves will expect her to stay at Camden Place


  6. Thanks for entering, Courtney! Your answers are great. Good luck!

  7. Thanks...can't wait to see who wins!

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