Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mercy's Embrace Winner

Thanks to everyone who entered the Mercy's Embrace giveaway! The winner of copies of each volume, signed by author Laura Hile, is:


Congratulations! I will pass your email on to Ms. Hile, who will contact you to learn your mailing address.

And, as promised, here are the answers to the Elizabeth Elliot quiz. Happy weekend everybody!

1) What is Elizabeth birth date?

June, 1, 1786

2) How old was Elizabeth when her mother died?


3) Why does Elizabeth not enjoy reading the Baronetage as much as her father?

Because it forces her to confront that Mary is married while she remains single and because the listing of Mr. Elliot as heir apparent is a reminder of her disappointed expectations in him.

4) How does Elizabeth commemorate the death of Mrs. Elliot?

 By wearing black ribbons.

5) In what two manners does Elizabeth attempt to economize?

She cuts off unnecessary charities and refrains from refurbishing the drawing room.

6) Regarding what does Sir Walter recommend Elizabeth be on her guard?

Her flower garden.

7) What does Anne wish Elizabeth could hear their father say?

That Gowlands has carried Mrs. Clay's freckles away.

8) Why does Elizabeth argue that Mrs. Clay should ride in Lady Dalrymple's barouche rather than Anne.

Because she already has a little cold.

9) What does Elizabeth do the first time she meets Captain Wentworth in Bath?

She snubs him.

10) What causes Elizabeth to suffer when the Musgroves arrive in Bath?

The question of whether or not to invite the Musgroves to dinner, thereby allowing them to observe the reduction in the Elliot's lifestyle.

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