Friday, May 28, 2010

I'm Still Here ...

... and finally sitting in front of a functioning computer in my new house. I had no idea I would be without internet for so long (almost two whole weeks!), but it was worth it as the new house is gorgeous! As I am still in midst of getting settled and my super wonderful mother-in-law is in town helping me, this will not be a long post - just a quick check in. My sixth anniversary is this weekend and we intend to celebrate in style. Regular posts will recommence in June.

I am profusely sorry to all of those who have been looking for Janeicillin these past two weeks. Persuasion will commence next Thursday, I promise. Those who were looking for the answer to the riddle included in the final installment of Pride and Prejudice, it is "Tomorrow".

I have read a bunch of JAFF in need of review. Check back to read my thoughts on Deception by Ola Wegner, Perfect Fit by Linda Wells, and  Twilight of the Abyss by Casey Childers. My husband and I have plowed through a bunch of Heyer which I would also like to comment on. I am also participating in Jane in June, for which there will be giveaways and at least one review of First Impressions, as well as my ramblings on Austen obsession. Please check it out. The event is going to be wonderful.

Almost as exciting as a new house and anniversary is that Outskirts Press announced that yours truly was one of their top ten selling authors in April, during which time I sold nearly 400 books! Thank you to all who have purchased, read the book, and enjoyed it. I am absolutely flabbergasted by the positive response it has received and can't wait for life to settle back down so I can pick back up the pen.

So until next week, I hope my fellow Americans thoroughly enjoy the holiday and that our international Austenites are happy and flourishing.  Have wonderful weekends everyone!


  1. Alexa,
    Wow, so many congratulations to bestow upon you!

    Congrats on the new house, I know you must be thrilled to pieces. I hope you really get to settle in and enjoy it. (And two weeks without the internet? I would wither away. Seriously.)

    Many congratulations on your sixth anniversary! What a wonderful milestone. (My husband and I will be hitting 6 years also, in July).

    And 400 books in April??? That is terrific! I know you must be beside yourself with excitement.
    I look forward to reading "First Impressions" this summer, once my move is completed. In the meantime, I will certainly be checking in with you during Jane in June (I am participating as well and hope to have a few reviews up).

    Once again, CONGRATULATIONS on all your good news!

  2. You have been greatly missed, Alexa! I am so happy that your new home is bringing you such happiness! Have a lovely anniversary celebration and congrats on the wonderfully successful month!!! Although, I am not surprised, First Impressions is a beautiful novel!

  3. Hi Lori! It is amazing how synchronized our lives seem - at least as far as anniversaries and moves go! Thanks for all the good wishes and I hope you enjoy the book!

    And Meredith - that is so very sweet of you to say! I'll be at Austenesque Reviews on Tuesday, catching up on all I have missed.

  4. Happy anniversary and welcome back, Alexa!
    I'm glad to hear you are safe and sound and, especially, enthusiastic about your new house.
    Enjoy your special weekend!
    Waiting for your Jane in June posts, then. I'm in too.
    See you in the cyberspace.
    Big Hug

  5. Congratulations Alexa! And great to have you back!
    I received your book a few days ago! Thank you! :)

  6. Hi Maria and Giada! Thank you, ladies, for the good wishes. I'm glad to be back and looking forward to resuming my routine.

  7. Wow Alexa, congratulations are in order! Congrats on your new house, your anniversary and being one of the top selling authors!