Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Guest Post and Giveaway at Laughing with Lizzie!

When Holidays at Pemberley was published (just about this time last year) I really tried to organize something resembling a blog tour. The ease and speed of publishing through CreateSpace caught me totally off guard (why have I been paying Outskirts Press to torture me these past many years?) and now I'm scrambling to catch up. All chaos and mayhem with this book, as is perhaps appropriate. How lucky I am to have friends in high places ... like Pemberley! Mrs. Darcy of Laughing with Lizzie has been so kind as to invite me to talk about some of the theories regarding madness that informed The Madness of Mr. Darcy, along with an excerpt and THE FIRST GIVEAWAY!!!!  Yeah! Don't miss out on your chance to win a paperback, an ebook, and to take a peek at the physiognomy of a manic.  Who can resist?


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