Wednesday, December 3, 2014

What this Janeite wants for the holidays ...

This post is actually for the benefit of my relations. If you ask me what I want this year, I'm going to ask for money. If you want to buy me a gift, make it one of these:

1) JT Originals Christmas Kiss Tree Ornament:

Please!!! I really want this. It would please me endlessly to add this to my tree. And while you are buying, artist Janet Taylor's 2015 Pride & Prejudice calendar would be an excellent accompaniment. Just saying.

2) In Her Own Hand Jane Austen Juvenilia Box Set:

The kind of books that I ache to hold. Besides, I am lacking a good copy of the juvenilia.

3) Jane Austen Wall Peel Decal:

I know just where I would put it, too!

Not quite as sure where to put this, but I will find a place. The entire shop is great, but this piece is my favorite. 

I have been longing for this book for a while. I love Jane Odiwe's Austen inspired watercolors. They perfectly accompany her writing. By the way, I'm reading her Mr. Darcy's Christmas Calendar now. Review coming soon!

I love puzzles. 500 pieces s the perfect size for to bang out on an insomnia laden night. 

7) And for those who might feel up to splurging, the Kate Spade Emma clutch:

I think this is pretty self explanatory.

There you have it! I've been exceptionally well-behaved all year. I feel like I've earned some JA swag.

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