Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Tis the Season for Swag: Giveaways Galore Winners Announced!

Merry Christmas fellow Janeites! I know most of you are impossibly busy making this all too short day the best it can be, so I will save my own rhapsodies for another occasion. Let's get on to business! The winners of Giveaways Galore 1 through 5 are:

Giveaways Galore 1:
Sass & Serendipity by Jennifer Ziegler
Winner - Tiffany

Emma & Knightley: Perfect Happiness in Highbury by Rachel Billington
Winner - redrose15*
Giveaways Galore 2:  
The Dashwood Sisters Tell All by Beth Pattillo
Winner - MonicaP
Miss Bennet & Mr. Bingley by Fanella J. Miller
Winner - susied*

Giveaways Galore 3:
Memory Volumes One, Two, and Three by Linda Wells 
Winner - Laura Ferrari

Giveaways Galore 4:
Perfect Fit by Linda Wells
Winner - Meredith* 
Mistress of Pemberley by Isobel Scott Moffat 
Winner - susied

Regarding Giveaways Galore 5 and 6 -
I'm going to go ahead and assume that it was the Christmas season and accompanying madness that prevented anyone from entering the last twp giveaways, particularly number 6, as it is impossible Mr. Darcy is so unpopular. I have therefore decided to extend these last two giveaways through the end of the year. You can click on the links below to enter to win the books and two more sets of cards.

Giveaways Galore 5:
The Darcys & the Bingleys and The Plight of the Darcy Brothers by Marsha Altman
The Three Weissmanns of Westport by Cathlene Schine
Derbyshire by Marie Hogstrom 

Giveaways Galore 6:
Darcy's Story by Janet Aylmer
Mr. Darcy's Diary by Amanda Grange  
Mr. Darcy's Diary by Maya Slater
The Confession of Fitzwilliam Darcy by Mary Street 

Winners: if there is a star by your name, you also won the greeting cards on offer for your day. Look for emails requesting your mailing addresses so you can claim your prizes.

 Congratulations to all the winners, Merry Christmas to everyone, and a very happy New Year!

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