Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tis the Season for Swag: Giveaways Galore 3

How the last five days swept by without a single post I have nt the slightest notion. There is so much to share, and so little time!

One big giveaway today: three books in a single haul. This will make a truly sizable dent in my crowded book shelves, as residents of North America enter to win all three volumes of Memory by Linda Wells (read my review of the trilogy here). Just leave a comment with your email address before Christmas. Here are blurbs on the books from Amazon:

Memory Volume One: Lasting Impressions

In Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet meet when their personalities are fully formed. Influenced by their experiences and the people around them, they must endure a year of transformation to find their love. What effect would the sight of their soul mates have upon Darcy and Elizabeth if it occurred at a much earlier and vulnerable moment? How would this shared memory change his advance into arrogance and pride, and her sensitivity to the opinions of others? And ultimately, what will happen when they finally meet somewhere beyond their imaginations? The Memory series is a story of family, and how the love affair of one couple influences the lives of everyone around them. Volume 1: Lasting Impressions begins on a fateful day in Hyde Park when 15-year-old Elizabeth Bennet spies the handsome 22-year-old Fitzwilliam Darcy. Instead of wondering over his status: bachelor, rich, gentleman . . . all of the qualities she had been taught by her mother to seek for her husband, she saw only the sorrowful man in need. Darcy heard laughter and saw a girl and a smile. Both have much to overcome before they can be together, but one thing is certain, they would have loved each other no matter where or when they had met. The story continues in Volume 2: Trials to Bear, and Volume 3: How Far We Have Come. These stories contain scenes of a mature nature.

Memory Volume Two: Trials to Bear

The second volume of the Memory series, Trials to Bear, follows the newlywed couple Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy as they move beyond the heady days of courtship (Volume 1, Lasting Impressions). Both of them are very young, at only eighteen and twenty-four years old, neither is completely confident in their position and will rely heavily on each other to grow as one challenge after another comes their way. They will face the demons and fears of Darcy's past, and provide an example of love and felicity that influences and ultimately changes everyone who touches their lives. Elizabeth will grow assured, no longer a shy girl insecure of her beauty or worth; she will become every day the woman who will undoubtedly be a force in London society, in whatever capacity she chooses to excel. The pride that Darcy feels for her will be evident no matter how it is displayed and he will confidently settle into his position as the master of Pemberley. The story continues in Volume 3: How Far We Have Come. These stories contain scenes of a mature nature.

Memory Volume Three: How Far We Have Come

The third volume of the Memory series, How Far We Have Come, finds the Darcys with a family of their own, fully matured and comfortable with their positions as the master and mistress of Pemberley. The fears and demons of Darcy's past have been addressed, and the formidable Fitzwilliam family has accepted and embraced the unique and exceptional example of marriage that the Darcys display. Now it is Elizabeth's turn to finally put to rest the pain of her history, while at the same time influencing her sisters to grow and become women to be admired as well. The Darcys often bemuse their friends and family with their approach to addressing the many facets of their lives, however, all are quick to admit that they are better for knowing them. The story contains scenes of a mature nature.

New, these books cost more than $20 a pop, and as they provide over 1600 pages of Elizabeth and Darcy (and pretty much ALL of Elizabeth and Darcy, at that), I have to tout myself on what an awesome present this will make some lucky Janeite. Merry Chrsitmas, indeed!

Be sure to check back for yet more giveaways and enter those that proceed this one:

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All the winners will be announced December 25th. Good luck!


  1. What perfect reading for a long winter - thanks for the giveaway!


    Happy Holidays!

  2. Now, this is a really good answer for the question "why the world will not end on 12/21/2012?" :-D what a giveaway Alexa! Are you sure your name isn't Santa? :-)
    I would love to finally read Linda's trilogy (I know, I know: shame on me for not doing it already)


    Laura lallyjx@libero.it

  3. Lovely giveaway! Thanks for a chance to win :)

  4. More Darcy and Elizabeth! What isn't there to love about it?? What a wonderful giveaway!

  5. Those books look great for the cold einter coming.

    Thank you for thid giveaway.


  6. I faithfully follow your reviews and have read countless Pride and Prejudice variations along with other similar style novels. I have posted these books as a future TO READ on goodreads and I would love to get my hands on these books!!