Wednesday, October 7, 2009

By the by - I really have read almost every published Jane Austen sequel (at least those I could get my hands on) and am happy to share my opinions with those who may be interested if they contact me via email. What I do not intend to do is offer direct criticism of these works here for all to see (presuming anyone ever bothers to take a look). These books are works from the heart and I have no desire to to tread on other Austen writer's toes. I can only hope they return the favor when my book is finally in print.

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  1. Wow. I read these voraciously when I first got into Austen (as a young lad of 17), and stopped after I discovered most of them were disappointing (changed word to less judgmental one). I've since dabbled my literary toes back in the pond every now and then, but really, I've not found much that's any good. I do enjoy the film of The Jane Austen Book Club (much more than the book), but that's about it for published stuff. I do like some fanfiction online, though.