Friday, October 9, 2009

The Other Mr. Darcy by Monica Fairview

Another Sourcebooks release of 10/1/09, this book was self published only last June and was already picked up! I've got my fingers crossed for my tale. Overall it is a thoroughly enjoyable read - I never thought I would feel so much for Caroline Bingley (I punish her for her conniving ways in my own book). Ms. Fairview has bestowed upon Caroline a convincing and satisfying romance, complete with laugh out loud moments, though not in the sardonic Austen style. But I must admit being a bit confused, as she obviously knows a lot about the military history of the time, by the many social inaccuracies in this book. Some of it seems extraordinarily well researched while other parts made me want to scream with frustration. If you are not a historical purist, as I strive to be, perhaps you can read this novel without noticing the many (many) mistakes regarding period convention and etiquette. If you tend to be frustrated by such lapses this is probably not the sequel for you. Nonetheless, this is a fun, fast read with the kind of cathartic ending typical of Austen's work. It's definitely worth checking out. I give Ms. Fairview a lot of credit for her sympathetic rendering of Caroline Bingley. Perhaps I will have to be nicer to her in my second volume, just recently commenced. Follow the link below to Amazon to buy this new addition to the Austen library!

The Other Mr. Darcy

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