Tuesday, March 30, 2010

First Impressions Giveaway

Wow! The author copies are here already! I have found a couple of formatting issues, but overall they look very agreeable. So, in honor of all the good news I can possible tolerate in a single day, I am giving away one brand new, hot-off-the-press copy of First Impressions: A Tale of Less Pride and Prejudice. All you have to do to enter is to leave a comment before 12:00 AM (EST), Sunday April 4th, stating which character from Pride and Prejudice you would alter the fate of (if you could) and how, along with your email address. I'll try to inspire you by dropping some hints regarding one of the destinies I play with in the book: Wickham's

In my version of events, Wickham and Lydia never marry - in fact, they barely converse. Having been warned away from him by Mr. Darcy, our rogue sets his sight on another eligible lady in the neighborhood. Anyone who can guess her identity will get a second entry in the giveaway.

So to recap: leave a comment with your email, which character's destiny you would change, and, for a second entry, guess the name of my mystery lady before Easter Sunday to win a copy of First Impressions. Good luck!


  1. If I could alter the destiny of one character in Pride and Prejudice it would be Kitty. What would have happened if she had gone to Brighton instead of Lydia?

    Could it be? Does Wickham go after Charlotte Lucas? Certainly she's too sensible to be taken in by him but then Lizzy was.

  2. Hi Katherine. Do you think Kitty would have been lured away from her friends as easily as Lydia? It's a very interesting notion.

    I assume you did want to be entered in the giveaway. If you stop by again, please leave your email address. Thanks for participating!

  3. I think it would be interesting to see how a better society would help her improve her character.

    Oops, yes please enter me for the giveaway: serenetopaz (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. Hi Alexa. I was wondering is this an international giveaway because I live outside the US. Anyway, I would love to be entered for this contest.

    I would like to change Charlotte Lucas' destiny. I would want her to marry someone other than Mr Collins because she deserves better. If she could not find anyone, I hope she will be happy just being single.

    I'm guessing could it be Maria Lucas? I could be wrong for she has no money.


  5. I'd change Charlotte Lucas's destiny. Poor she! An entire life with Mr Collins. Who could bear that? I don't think Wickham migh ever marry her, though. What about Caroline Bingley?
    I can't wait to read what happen in your First Impressions, Alexa!
    BTW, I'm going to link to this giveaway of yours in my sidebar. Is it ok for you?

  6. Luthien84 - you are in. I do not fear international shipping. As for Maria Lucas, Lydia has no money either, so I can't see it as an impediment.

    Katherine - I really like Kitty and am happy to believe that she would not behave as foolish as Lydia, especially when removed from her influence.

    Maria Grazia- Link away! Your excitment raises mine. I hope the book meets your expectations!

    Regarding Charlotte Lucas - her fate always seems particularly galling to the Janeite, doesn't it? Having accepted Austen's belief that a marriage of convenience isn't worth its price, we have a hard time acknowleging that, for her time period, she probably made the right choice. She certainly does deserve better, but we think Elizabeth, who has even more to gain from the marriage, was unquestionably correct to turn the man down. Images I have read in fan fiction of what Charlotte's marriage might have been like range from contentment to abject misery. I like to think that Charlotte's judgement is to be trusted: that the choice she makes is the right one for her. Still, I sincerely wish her a better fate, and what is fan fiction for if not to make our literary fantasies come true?

  7. I can't believe it! I wrote a comment and erased it all! I'll just summerize it again, though it is very annoying-
    I wanted to say I really enjoy your blog and have read and reread the first chapters in hopes you might continue it and was so excited to hear your book was published, I'l order it as soon as I can.
    As for your challenges, I would very much like to see Miss Anne DeBourgh's fate changeed for I always thought she deserved more than just the description of being pale and ill all the time. I was happy to read about her in Pamela Aidan's books on Darcy but it was not enough in my opinion.
    As for your other challenge, I think it not likely to be Maria, Charlotte, Kitty and Miss Bingley and would not like them to change a lot as well, and it cannot be Miss king I suspect for she was already out of the picture in the original book, so what is left is either Miss Mary Bennet or Miss Anne DeBOurgh, though I would hate to see them married to him, yet with some good writing, as you have already shown to have the talent, who knows?
    My Email is: yarden.riskin@gmail.com

  8. Welcome yarden, and thank you so much for your encouraging words. I'm sorry you lost your original message (I've done it before too!), but thank you so much for taking tht time to let me know that you have actually read and reread my first three chapters! I can't describe how pleasing a notion that is! Good luck in the giveaway. I hope the book meets your expectations.

    As for Miss De Bourgh, she is a sad case. There is always the question lurking of whether she is really sick or just beaten down by her mother. Most of the stories I've read about her take the latter view. I do give Anne a much larger voice than Austen does, but I stick with the previous notion: that she really is ill. Perhaps now is also the time to acknowledge that I also take a rather sympathetic view of Lady Catherine. I wonder how that will be received?

  9. Exciting news about your book!

    If I had the power, I would like to change Mary Bennet's destiny. Gotta find some geek love.

    +1 mystery lady = Anne de Bourgh - she's got money and needs a dashing young man to put color on her cheeks

    vvb32 at yahoo.com

  10. Thanks vvb32! A blush would certainly enhance Anne's complexion.

    Regarding Mary, so many wonderful stories have been writen about her, all based on the very few lines she has in Pride and Prejudice. Austen always amazes me with her ability to so quickly endow her characters with individuality. Mary plays a fairly large role in my story. I hope you both read it and approve of my handling of the situation. Good luck in the giveaway!

  11. What excellent questions for your giveaway! I enjoyed reading everyone responses! My first instinct was to change the destiny of Charlotte, while I would love for Mary and Anne to have different outcomes, Charlotte is the one I want most!

    The secret lady? I'm going to guess Maria Lucas. I'm not really sure why, that is a tough one!

    Best of luck with your new release, Alexa!


  12. Hi Meredith. Thanks for participating and for the good wishes. There are several characters deserving of a better fate, but Austen was a realist, painting a picture of life as it really is. I was not hampered by such restraints, and hopefully you will enjoy the different paths I've picked for all three ladies. I think I have improved their lots.

  13. I would alter Mary's fate; I've always thought she was perfect for Mr. Collins :) Naturally that would change poor Charlotte's fate, so perhaps she would like to go for a bad boy like Mr. Wickham?

    akaleistar (at) gmail (dot) com

  14. I want to change Charlotte Lucas's fate. She should have a better destiny.

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  15. Midnight Cowgirl - Your comments make it even more difficult than it already had been to hold my tongue! I should probably leave it there. Thanks for participating!

    Aik - We all seem to want something more for Charlotte, poor dear. It seems that, for someone with her intelligence, a life with Mr. Collins would be rather insupportable, doesn't it? Good luck in the giveaway!

  16. Thanks for the giveaway! Here are my entries:

    Hmmm... the mystery lady that Wickham sets his sights on this time... I know it might sound ridiculous, but maybe he's got the nerve to go after Georgiana again? Maybe he finds a way to reel her in again, despite their past history. I'm sure there would be much vitriol in the story line, as Darcy would once again come to his sister's aid.

    And which character's fate would I change? Oddly enough, Mr. Bennet. He's one of my favorite characters, and as a mom of boys, I can't imagine living in a house full of women! I'd give him a son, the youngest of the family, with whom he'd have at least a girl-free moment as a parent.

    Congrats on your book!

    Laura Hartness
    The Calico Critic
    CalicoCritic at gmail dot com

  17. Hi Laura Hartness. Few things sounds ridiculous in the realm of Jane Austen "What If?" adaptations!

    I completely understand how you feel about Mr. Bennet. I don't give him a son, but I do hope you think my solution to the problem acceptable. Best of luck to you in the giveaway!

  18. I think that I would change Lydia's outcome. Sure, she's an air-headed teenager, but think about your own teen years...isn't there something you wish you could change now that you're an adult? I'd hate for anyone to end up with Wickham. Not sure how I'd save her...maybe some kind of situation where her actions make her snubbed by the neighbors and awakens her sensible side? Hey, it could happen in JAFF, right?

    As for who Wickham does end up with...I'll be devilish and say maybe Denny? Oh wait, you said eligible lady. Hmm, my guess would be Miss King. Maybe Darcy couldn't get to her uncle in time to save her from being compromised and she was forced to marry him.

    Bonnie N.
    bluebell_00 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  19. Hi Bonnie N! Yes, there are MANY things I did as a teenager that I regret. I too think Lydia's fate awfully hard, which is why I intervened and saved her from him!

    Certainly not Denny, but Miss King is a very reasonable guess. Good luck and thanks for entering the giveaway!

  20. Ooo! I want to win a copy!
    Let's see...I'd like to change the fate of Mary: she could mature a bit beyond meriting only a clerk, don't you think?

    And I think Wickham will trifle with Charlotte Lucas. I was going to be wildly original and say Mrs. Hurst, but you forstalled me with the "eligible" bit!

    Barbara C.
    tbcoyleireland (at) gmail (dot) com

  21. I would change Charlotte Lucas' destiny if I could. Anything for her but Mr. Collins! I'd put Mary in her place. Can you imagine that household???

    As for who Wickham would turn his attentions to....? At first I thought Charlotte Lucas, but I think Caroline Bingley would have more to offer him, so I'll say Caroline Bingley.Final answer. :)

    felicialso at gmail dot com

  22. Barbara C. - Yes, I certainly do think Mary could merit more than Uncle Phillips clerk. As for Mrs. Hurst, that would certainly be a unique twist, but your careful reading of the question was correct and she certainly is not eligible. Charlotte Lucas has definitely been the top candidate for Wickham's trifling! Thanks for participating!

    Felicia - Can you imagine their children! That made me laugh. Miss Bingley would certainly be a prize for Wickham - not quite the triumph Georgiana would have been, but certainly a notch above either Miss King or Lydia. Best of luck to you!

  23. I would change Jane Bennet's story. She seems perfect in every way. I think it would be very interesting if she, instead of Lydia, ends up with Wickham. (The mystery lady... Kitty perhaps.)
    Best, Kirsten

    lotsofgingers at hellokitty dot com

  24. Hi Kristen. Thanks for entering the giveaway. I don't think I could bear to write the story of Wickham and Jane, though it would certainly be interesting.

    As I read these comments, I want to tell everyone they should write these stories - at least jot down their thoughts about all these possible twists and turns! This has proven far more interesting than I had anticipated.

  25. Hi! I wandered over here to read your Heyer review and I would love to read your book!

    I would change the fate of Anne De Bourgh. I would give her a shot of experimental penicillin and get her away from her mother! lol

    And my first guess is Mariah Lucas catches Wickham's eye, but perhaps he steals Colonel Foster's wife instead!

  26. Hi Pam. Thanks for stopping by!. Unfortunately, you submitted your comment after the giveaway ended, I just haven't had a moment to updat the blog yet. Please come back soon, as I will have more giveaways, and you can enter to win a copy of the book right not at

    No one else has mentioned Mrs. Foster! She is a very interesting choice. Perhaps Wickham does have the gall to pull something of the sort with his commanding officer's wife! Maria Lucas has been a more popular choice, and many feel with you that Anne De Bourgh needs help, though I'm not sure I would suggest your "experimental penicillin" to her - sounds rather terrifying!