Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Beautiful Review!

Those of you who are writers know how wonderful it feels when someone is touched by your work, especially when that someone is a person whose opinion you highly regard. I just read the first blog review of First Impressions, posted by Maria Grazia on her blog, My Jane Austen Book Club, and am positively jubilant.


  1. I'm not a professional reviewer, Alexa, that's for sure. But you know how much I love and respect Jane Austen and her work. I recognized the same love and respect in you and in your book, that's also why I liked it so much.It was just a delight to read it and a great pleasure to review it!

  2. It was a wonderful review, Alexa. You are right to feel happy and proud...well done.

  3. Thanks Jane. That means a lot coming from you.