Saturday, June 12, 2010

Win a Copy of First Impressions and Celebrate Jane in June!

Want to learn how crazy I really am? Here is your chance! As part of Jane in June, Misty at Book Rat convinced me to write a short piece confessing the extent of my Austen obsession. Check out my Concerns of a Crazy Janeite and, while there, enter to win a copy of First Impressions! What an opportunity! How many authors would expose themselves so and then still expect people to still read their work? Probably only me.

Seriously, Jane in June is turning into a mighty fine affair. There are still two full weeks of fun ahead of us. Don't miss out!


  1. A lovely little post - oddly enough, I was thinking of doing something similar (not for anything as organized and cool as Jane in June, but just for fun) about being a strange sort of Janeite.

  2. Hey ibmiller! Thanks! I would love to read your piece, if you ever write it, having a great interest in strange sort of Janeites (it makes me feel better about myself!).