Friday, May 25, 2012

A forced hiatus...

Has it really been over a month? Once again, I find myself in the pathetic possession of lamenting my own failure to find time to blog. Quite frankly, while I do feel my poor blog's pain most acutely, I am quite bored with excusing my lack of diligence. It is time to face facts and admit that I am not going to be able to resume blogging with anything like my former frequency in the foreseeable future.Not only does my little girl ( I can't believe she's almost one already!) demand the majority of my time, but any free time I do have I have been using to work on the second draft of Second Glances. I do have some hope of publishing it early next year, but as this second draft is almost a complete rewrite, that might prove an unrealistic expectation. I also have a few other Austen projects on my horizon, including rewriting Janeicillin for Kindle publication and "something very shocking" regarding Miss Woodhouse, which I hope to post here in time for Halloween. So the blog will plow forward, I just foresee it taking on a bit of a different function than it used to. I still hope to write reviews, when I get the chance to read, and other posts in my traditional style, but mostly I just plan to check in and share how the novel is proceeding, maybe share a few excerpts. I can't conceive of life without the many dear Janeites I have met since starting this blog a few years ago. Please don't forget about me! I will be back. I promise.


  1. Of course we won't forget you! While I miss interacting you with you and discussing various Austenesque novels, I completely understand that you have much less free time than you used to! Hope you and your little one are doing well! Looking forward to your upcoming projects!

  2. Make sure you do enjoy time with your little one, as they tend to grow quickly and every day is a new experience for both her and yourself.

  3. Hi Alexa!

    Haven't forgotten you, and I do understand!

    Because of a frenzied teaching schedule, I show up during the summer. Which is when I'm supposed to write.

    Glad to hear you are doing well. Enjoy that precious daughter. Writing can wait, but children grow like weeds.



  4. Thanks for the kind thoughts and wishes! It is people like those who have commented on this post that keep me convinced of the infinite superiority of Janeites over all lesser mortals. Love to you all.