Friday, June 7, 2013

Second Glances on Nook and 2nd Birthdays

My very demure way of sticking it to the man (aka Amazon). Second Glances: A Tale of Less Pride and Prejudice Continues is now available on Nook. First Impressions, too, is back on Nook following my test run of Amazon's KDP Select program, which gives them exclusive electronic rights. Not sure it was worth it - just seemed to alienate those who prefer other devices to the Kindle. Still, it was nice to be able to offer the free download days.

This weekend it my daughter's second birthday party, and I can think if little else. How has it been two years already? I kind of didn't have the mind to put much effort into the first birthday, but I'm making it up in spades this year. Following lengthy debate, Eliza decided she wanted a music party (well, really a Fresh Beat Band party, except mommy doesn't believe in plastering corporate marketing materials all over the place, so were doing a generic version). I've got three arts and crafts projects planned for entertainment: the kids will be making their own instruments. I'm super excited about it and might even have t post a picture or two, which is something I never do. Happy birthday my little darling! May you have a magical year.


  1. Happy Birthday, Eliza!! How wonderful that she wants a music party! Would love to see some pics! Enjoy celebrating with your little darling!