Friday, September 8, 2023

Conversations with Bard 5

So this was kind of interesting. I tried prompting Bard with the questions I'm asking its fictionalized version in the book, providing no context. I definitely think I can use some of this language in the novel, especially as it comes at a part where I want to be hitting a brick wall in my interactions with it. Check it out here: How did you do it Bard?.

I also hit a big problem in my attempt to reuse the previous draft to inform this one. I wrote it in the second person. Trying to switch it into a first person narrative will really break the Austen-like voice I always strive to create, if it's even possible. Do I even want this to be a first person narrative? It suits the immediacy of the story I'm now framing the plot within. Can I switch back and forth between the two? That feels like the authentic solution, but I worry it will be jarring. Still, I think I just go with it for now, accepting that I may have to do some massive, revisionist editing down the road. We shall see.

Oh, and I added more to the new forward and updated it in my last post, if you'd like to check it out. It's what led me to a direct confrontation with this first vs. second person quandary.  

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