Saturday, February 5, 2011

Robot Chicken on Sense and Sensibility

I have a huge weakness for cartoons. Perhaps it was all those contented hours watching TV on Saturday mornings as a child, but I never lost my enthusiasm for the medium. Last evening, having spent it quietly at home (I should have been finishing Emma Janeicillin - I still have hopes that it will go up sometime this weekend), I saw a 2006 episode of the highly irreverent, stopgap animated Adult Swim show Robot Chicken, a scene in which I had forgotten all about. At about four minutes into "Rodigitti" (I tried to find a copy of the show to embed, but none worked correctly), two hip-hop paper bag puppets recall the excessive diversion they enjoyed when they went to see Sense and Sensibility, in slightly different words:

Bag One: Yo, yo, yo dog! What was the last movie we saw?

Bag Two: Sense and Sensibility kid!

Bag One: Yeah that joint was hot to death (or maybe he's saying dust?) son!

Bag Two: Yeah, we snuck some forties up in that bitch. Like this! (Both bags lift up to reveal the bottles concealed inside them)

So incredibly random! I just had to share. You can watch the episode here (the highlight of which is actually the last skit, about seven and a half minutes in, showing Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd engaged in a rap battle, a la 8 Mile) :

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