Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jane in June and Baby Update

For the interested, I'm still waiting for this baby to make her appearance. I've had a multitude of false alarms, but my doctor told me yesterday that I will be induced next Tuesday if she hasn't arrived prior to that point, so it is now just a matter of days. In the meantime Jane in June, hosted once again by Misty of Book Rat, is in full swing and I urge you all to check out the excitement. A piece I wrote a few weeks ago, rushed towards completion as I had my first false alarm, discussing the "What If?" genre and providing an excerpt from Second Glances (read it here), the continuation of First Impressions, made its appearance yesterday, and I hope it is to your liking. There are a multitude of giveaways, a read along, and all things Jane going on, so please don't miss out on this fabulous celebration. 

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  1. Nice to meet you, and how exciting! My doctor once said he could tell from my voice on the phone that I was in real labor after several false episodes. He said that when it is real, the mother goes into a more serene mode. The excited state of false labor is not there. Just sayin!

    Best wishes for an easy and healthful delivery.