Sunday, August 26, 2012

Austen in August: Second Glances Excerpt and First Impressions Giveaway

There may not be many of you out there, but I am sure that at least a handful of people have been waiting impatiently for Second Glances to finally be complete. Today your curiosity can begin to be sated. Just go visit The Book Rat to read an excerpt and meet my hero, Sir James Stratton, as he descends upon Longbourn for the first time. I'll wait patiently right here...

...So what did you think? I hope my creation meets with your approval! As I had no new characters take part in First Impressions, writing Second Glances was a very different experience. I am very fond of Sir James, and I hope you come to love him too.

Not sure how Longbourn came to be found in such a state? Be sure to enter the international giveaway to win a copy of First Impressions, and you can find out exactly how the stage was set (you can read the first few chapters of that book here).

I have been away from home since last Thursday and do not return until tomorrow, an interruption which has left me behind on my Persuasion Read Along posts, but I hope to have the next section finished by Tuesday. In the meantime, you can read all the other participants responses to Austen's most beloved book (no arguments there, I am sure) right here, to say nothing of all the other fabulous posts that have been part of Austen in August. Misty, The Book Rat herself, has done a phenomenal job hosting this event, and we still have a few more awesome days of fun and excitement, to say nothing of giveaways, yet to enjoy. Don't miss out!

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