Monday, March 25, 2013

Second Glances & Elegant Extracts Giveaways

I'm not making a big announcement regarding last week's winner of a handmade copy of Selected Verses by Jane Austen. She will know who she is. My little experiment did not auger well for the future of paper books.

I had intended to do one more March giveaway of Second Glances: A Tale of Less Pride and Prejudice Continues, but as the book is/will be soon available through a variety of other venues, (including Goodreads, where I'm giving away five copies), I'm afraid I might be pushing an over saturation point. If you want to win a copy, check out my guest post at The Book Rat (where fairy tales currently abound.You should totally check it out).

The first official review for Second Glances is out, and I'm hugely relieved it's a good one. Only other authors can truly appreciate the anxiety of waiting for feedback. I liken it to singing your heart out before a huge crowd and standing on stage for three weeks before the audience decides whether or not to applaud. Please take a moment to visit Delighted Reader and read Sophia Rose's review:

And does anyone out there want to own not only their own Elegant Extracts volume, but also collaborate on its content? Next week I'll be at Austenesque Reviews with a very unique giveaway opportunity. I hope everyone will check it out.

I don't know if I'll get another opportunity to blog this week, as life is pretty hectic between Passover and Easter, but I'll give it a go. Happy holidays to those who have them!

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