Friday, April 19, 2013

Second Glances: "Utterly Charming" Review

I was beaming last week when I read this adorable review of Second Glances from Blodeuedd, the Book Girl of Mur-y-Castell. I've been meaning to share it ever since, but my husband's transition to a new job has been rather distraction. Now that he's a week in, I finally feel like I've got my head on straight. So here it is: can I get a collective"aww"?

Awwwwwwww, can I just let my review be that, awwww :)

Ok ok I will say something more. I just got the same feelings as I did with her other book. It was just so sweet and wonderful. It's a book that will make you happy. Sure there is some drama and doubt, but most of all it's just sweet in the most perfect way. Sweet that will make you smile and hope for the best for these young lovers.

This is then Kitty's book, and she meets a very eligible bachelor by mistake and wants nothing to do with him. Sir James is smitten and the dance these two dance. Kitty is rather like Lizzy and he will be the wiser. I really like how she portrays Kitty, it's the way I wanted to see Kitty, who was always in Lydia's shadow.

It's truly a perfect PP variation. I started reading it and did not put it down before I finished it. I could see Austen writing a sequel like this.
Utterly charming.
Cover: Cute

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