Monday, December 2, 2013

Great Reviews!

Two of my books received thumbs up reviews at three different blogs last week! I am greatly remiss in not posting this sooner.

Sophia Rose at Delighted Reader gave Holidays at Pemberley: A Tale of Less Pride and Prejudice Concludes a four star rating! I feel really bad about this one, as Sophia has always been so gracious in her reviews, and I completely failed to tell anyone about the giveaway she offered of the book, which is now closed. So sorry! Anyway, you can read her review at:

Meredith of Austenesque Reviews posted her thoughts on Holidays at Pemberley: A Tale of Less Pride and Prejudice Concludes last Friday. She and I started blogging around the same time, and we have long noticed a similarity in taste between us, so her approval of my novels always means a great deal to me, let alone the fact she has become quite a force in the promotion of the Austenesque genre! Read her review and enter to win a copy of the new book here (this one is still open - one day left!):

Last a new acquaintance: Mrs. Darcy at Laughing with Lizzie has enthusiastically embraced my stories - well, at least the one she has read so far! She posted her review of First Impressions: A Tale of Less Pride and Prejudice last Saturday. I look forward to reading her opinion of the next two and hope they are as favorable. Read her very gratifying review here:

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  1. I am glad to hear that my reviews have been appreciated! I can assure you that although First Impressions remained my favourite (purely because I love Lizzy and Darcy!) they other two were equally as fun to read and review!
    ~Mrs D