Tuesday, January 21, 2014

After the fast, the feast: Great New Reviews!

Just when you feel your books have disappeared from the collective consciousness, a sudden burst of good reviews spurt forth and quench the thirst for feedback. I really should have put up this post last week (where did the last two weeks slip away - this is supposed to be the low key time of year!) when a review of First Impressions first appeared on Indie Jane, a wonderful website dedicated to the promotion of independently published austenesque. Yet it took a foot of snow to get me to sit in front of the computer and focus long enough to write it! So be it. There was a giveaway, which is unfortunately now over, but there is some solace to be found! A review of Second Glances is now posted, including a giveaway of that novel. Do check out both reviews at the links below!


First Impressions also received some attention from Jody of the aptly named blob, A Spoonful of Happy Endings. My kind of place, right down to the Mary Poppins silhouette! There is a beautiful review and also an interview, so please check it out and leave your thoughts.


I have posts I already intended to write but have yet to get to, sitting in the backlog of my brain. I picked up a new project this year and I'm still getting used to managing the additional constraint on my time. I trust I will adapt, and blogging will proceed at normal intervals, rather than fits and starts. Maybe I'll pound out a long overdue review tomorrow, when I'm sure to still be snowed in. Maybe 14 inches! That's the most we've ever had in this house. Kind of exciting, but I wish we weren't still waiting to repair the leaky roof. Fingers crossed on that one. Happy and safe nor'easter everyone!

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  1. This day must've been pretty exciting for you, as your book received more good reviews. Things really happen when you least expected it, don't they? It's too bad the leaky roof had to dampen everything, so to speak. I hope the necessary repairs has been made by now. Good day!

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