Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Madness of Mr. Darcy at Austenesque Reviews

There is a guest post about some of the characters from Austen's other novels that appear in The Madness of Mr. Darcy at the fabulous Austenesque Reviews along with a giveaway! Don't miss it!

I've been rather busy lately and as usual it is my blog that suffers. Look for more Being Mrs. Bennet soon (it is almost done!). I also haven't forgotten Francis Hodgson Burnet and Charlotte Lennox. I cannot say when the next posts in those series will appear. Before the end of the year? Honestly, between NaNoWriMo bearing down on me like a steam engine and all my other commitments, it is hard to predict what will and wont get done. How about a few final quarter writing/blogging goals?

  1. Have an awesome Twisted Austen with Becoming Mrs. Norris. Posts start the 25th.
  2. Write 50,000 words of The Prodigal Husband, my first non-austenesque, regency romance 
  3. Finish Being Mrs. Bennet
  4. Write a much requested short sequel to The Madness of Mr. Darcy, a Christmas gift to my readers.
Those are the main items. We'll see what else gets done. There are, of course, my real life commitments too. Case in point, the guessing game for the school book fair. How many gemstones so you see?

If Cinderella & Elsa were roommates ...
Constructed entirely of cardboard & hot glue
And many many plastic gemstones.
Little secret passageway 
Just had to share.

Makes a cozy reading nook

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