Monday, November 25, 2013

A Regency Christmas at Austenesque Reviews

My holidays officially started today (only three days before Thanksgiving, which makes me more punctual than the nation's retailers), with the beginning of what I suppose I must call The Holidays at Pemberley Blog Tour, despite my sense that the name conjures up images of a far more orderly proceeding than mine. Caveats aside, this is very exciting for me, in no small part because it is the first time one of my books was released early instead of late, making this my most organized marketing attempt yet! Let the fun begin!

Today I have a guest post at Austenesque Reviews discussing some of the Regency Era Christmas traditions mentioned in my book. There is an international giveaway of Holidays at Pemberley. I am all anticipation for Meredith's review of the book, which she will post on Wednesday. Please dear friends: check it out, tell your friends, and help me spread the word!

Oh! Almost forgot to mention that they started giving out the NaNoWriMo winner badges today! Check mine to your right. The Madness of Mr. Darcy is currently at 65,000 words, and there are still six days to go!

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